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The collaboration between Dana Nechmad and Loushy Art & Projects spans nine paintings, presented as a solo exhibition in the space. Each work features two figures in motion. Nechmad depicts the figures in each work in two shades, akin to a color and its shadow, and blurs their gender identity. The figures are placed on a background of saturated, uniform color which is rendered as a depthless surface, thus eliminating the spatial dimension.

The works are installed in the space as a choreography along a dance route that runs amid color stains. The dance simulates skipping between milestones, between relationships, between scattered thoughts and fragments of reflections. Stepping Stones is a body of works that stands for a transition between beginning and end through intermediate states. Nechmad draws a gradual progress in a given direction, which is not necessarily continuous. Such progress requires

one not to deviate to the sides, but to calculate the next step, to explore the in-between and "cherish" the moment of transition. One should recognize the dependence between the overall process and the successful passage between individual stones. The success of the journey is an allegory of skipping between islands of stability.

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