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We carry our life experiences on and within ourselves. Every engagement with the world is imprinted in us; every bruise, every argument, every kiss, every fall, every sexual encounter, every birth.Each penetration leaves its evidence and marks us physically and emotionally. We do not recall it all but yet we feel its presence.In my work, I am interested in depicting these markings through form, color, size, and texture. The viewer enters an amorphic space, made as a metonym for the human experience. Perhaps by looking closely at a fragment, the emotional core of the whole can be revealed.Burden of Compensation is a 3 meters high canvases are draped in a spiraling form. Hand-dyed, the canvases recall a living organ. The draped canvases support different kinds of manipulation: some painted with bleach, present larger than life-size figures, while the bleach thins the surface of the fabric and allows light to enter the spiral; others have been applied with thick velvet in three dimensional forms to burden the canvas with protuberances, fracturing its surface from the inside out. In the heart of the structure, a video of a naked woman crawling in an endless motion. She draws a circle around her with flour, and then struggles to return the powder to the original container. As we watch her from above; the figure becomes a sand clock marking time and space in the center of this large textile fossil. The body remembers even when we try to forget.

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